Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Minnis Bay Live


  1. A community event eh? Pity they forgot to tell anyone who actually lives in the community of Minnis Bay about it then. I'm actually broadly in favour of this kind of thing, but I live in Minnis Bay and have to say there already is considerable upset in the community (the actual one that is, not whatever politically expedient fantasy is being invoked by the "Birchington Partnership"). I would have thought "partnership" might imply some level of consultation, or at least having the courtesy to tell the predominantly retired inhabitants of this quiet little place that they are about to have a two day rock festival thrust into their midst, with bands playing till late on saturday night literally yards from their front doors, and presumably crowds of people drinking and all that entails. Instead, no information was given out locally at all. The first anyone here knew about this was when the flyers appeared last week. This has obviously been months in the planning. Sneaky, sneaky sneaky.. and why Minnis Bay of all places? Access to some cheap council land maybe? Who knows. But please don't try to convince anyone living here that it's for their benefit, because its clearly not, as evidenced by the organizers deviously ensuring the local residents, whose opinions and feelings they obviously thought of as an inconvenience, knew nothing about the event in advance.

  2. You know what really annoys me? Every couple of week's there's someone in the papers complaining about young people messing around causing trouble and damage, but when someone actually does something, you all bitch and moan!
    but let's start from the beginning:

    Firstly: Rock concert?? There's folk bands, jazz, acoustic rock and blues! read the flyer or look on the internet. I can tollorate stupidity but there is no excuse for ignorance when the answers are readily avalable.

    Secondly: community stage, there's performers doing music from the 40's onwards, a school choir and a dance group!

    Thirly: If you've read this and understood it, you should understand it is a family event so quit that moaning.

    Forth point: Flyers have been going out for months, I've been recieving them for the last 3 months.

    And finally: Just grow up. All these people saying this is going to be some apocalyptic rave with drug users and drunks, which it obviously isn't. Grow up and get out of you house, there's far worse things than people enjoying themselve. This thing finishes at 9pm on the saturday! The margate big event finishes around 10 and that's opposite houses. grow up and support your local community people!

    I love the idea of this event and the fact that it's happening in Minnis I think is a great idea, It will bring people and commerce into our comunity, which in my oppinion is a great thing.

  3. I live in Birch so had a stroll down to Minnis Bay to see what it was all about. I was quite disappointed to be fair, there was only one stage which a band was performing on, the sound system was dreadful! someone needs to learn to tune them properly. There was only a handful of people sitting on the grass watching them and they looked quite bored too. There was a beer tent that no one was in probably due to the fact it was expensive. I then went to have a look at the funfair, it was just a few rides dotted about with not many kids on them due to the fact again it was expensive! one mother had a go at one of the person operating one of the rides. She had 3 kids and was quite verbal about how expensive it was just for one child. There was another stage but there wasnt anything happening on it. To me this was a very poorly organised event, I tried to hang on for a little bit longer to see if anything would happen but it sisnt and I left within an hour of being there. There was a steady stream of traffic actually leaving the place than people going to look. One thing I noticed was there wasnt much variety of music at all, not everyone likes folk or rock, pop etc where was the DJ's? where was the dance music? sorry guys but this was very poor.

  4. If you never knew about it you are either living on mars or you're just a fucking liar